The One Spot @ Target…DIY Inspired!

Headed to Target soon? Are you like me? You come prepared with a “list” of items and have told yourself it’s going to be a quick trip…in and out. Stay focus, don’t look around, lazer focus. But then you walk through the doors, grab a red cart, smell the Starbucks, debate if it’s too late to drink one, and then there it is…The One Spot. You know the section I am talking about. I know you do. It’s the one filled with dollar finds, that you tell yourself you don’t need, but it’s such a good bargain so how can you dare pass it up. Like these fun and color things I dropped into my cart…I just got so inspired and thought I can make something really fun, easy…and so needed.img_9176I mean look at these….who doesn’t love pinwheels, paper straws, alphabet stickers, and twine.img_9178These babies are screaming to be crafted together to be displayed on a cake for a special celebration! That’s right… it’s gonna be a cake banner topper. So grab the bakery twine, leaving enough on the ends to wrap and tie around the pinwheel straws, and grab the stickers and start sticking. Make any message you wish…”Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, “Just Because”, the possibilities are endless. Tip: Place letter stickers on both sides of the twine, so your stickers will stay in place and it will be double-sided. This one will say “Happy Birthday”…and because I will be using an 8” round cake, I am going to make my banner with two rows of twine. img_9183“Happy” will be on one piece of twine and “Birthday” will go on a separate piece right underneath. Check it out!img_9191So, these paper pinwheel straws…..they made the pinwheel detachable. Genius! Because it allows for 2 pinwheels to go on one straw. Super Fun! and Love it!img_9190Okay,  the One Spot masterpiece to ready to steal the show on top a cake for whatever the celebration Hey… don’t forget to share after you make one. #TheOneSpotDIY img_9246



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