Hello…2012 Love It Already!

Finally…I am finally getting all this stuff in my head out into the blogging world.  Let me tell you, I know people do it everyday…and some every minute,  but it’s scary.  I keep thinking what are people going to say or will they even visit?  Who cares… I have a few good  amazing, awesome, and wonderful friends who said they would read it.  So….I decided that is good enough for me.

Valentine’s Day  is coming ( I don’t have one…yet?) … But still,  I am still in Love with Love…… I can’t stop going to the stores and looking at all the red, pink, white, hearts, arrows, cupids, glitter, candy, and chocolate.   I love how all the candies change wrappers to the foil pink and reds.  I love how M&M’s are only pinkhot pink, red, and white. I even strolled through a jewelry store because some how I was seeing hearts after all that….. and a girl can’t help but to look at all the diamonds.

Feeling inspired by Love….. but truthfully probably more by pressure to figure out a Valentine’s for my son’s class.  I came up with this… Have you seen these?  They are amazing… and of course I love them….

Yep that does say “heart shaped”….. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!  It’s crazy..

They are so cute… and cholocate goodness…. also your breath is fresh after eating…. two amazing qualities in one candy..

Yes, I know what you are thinking did that box say that they are red and white inside…. of  course I would show you that.

Okay..so I scored and found these at Walmart…. in the wedding section… how perfect are they for Valentine’s day.  They are a good price too.  I paid $5.00 for 25.  Not too shabby right?

So fill these bad boys up with some cute heart shaped mints…. Yeah Baby!

This precious treats need a tag right…something fun and sweet perhaps…. there’s a link below picture if you want to print out the label to use.. (I gotta show some love to you all, Right?)  Tip:  Write your name in after printing…. while the tags are together and not punched out…. much easier….

Valentines Tag stufftreeloves Feb.2012

After printing those out, you could cut them out with scissors or a punch if you have one… I used a circle shaped punch (1 3/4″)…

The tag could use something pretty…a red scalloped edge..  I used a 2″ punch for this…

Just glue the tag to the scalloped cut out…. and Presto… a tag…

Gather some scissors… ribbon … (any color will do… as long as it is the color of love.. ) and tape…… I used a 7/8″ wide red ribbon it was a nice size for the pillow box.

Make a ribbon band around the pillow box, I thought that vertically looked better than horizontal.. (I tried it both ways… I am just crazy like that), I used a small piece of clear tape to attached one end of the ribbon to the box first. then I wrapped the ribbon around the box , slightly over lapping to cover tape, and then secured the other end with the scrapbook tape so the tape would be invisible…. Next center the tag… and glue to ribbon…. and if you didn’t see the Tip above make sure you write who it’s from on the tag…

Done… Where’s the easy button? ….. That was easy!… Right?

Enjoy… Happy Valentine’s Day!…..XOXO

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